Surely we know the world’s loudest prayer today –
And we join its crescendo cry.
Father God it is not the numbers that shock us
But the names of each one –
daughters, sisters and friends.
This statistic freshly and deeply appalls us
Because of the singular offense of each one taken –
Precious; Blessing; Comfort; Glory.
All loved. All currently lost.

Oh Lord, that you would rend the heavens and come down!
For how can men do this and you still restrain your hand?

And yet the world shares one heart-cry today –
And heads are turning
And an outrage is rising that might just might just mean –
Could it mean? –
That eyes will no longer be shut;
minds no longer too occupied elsewhere
And hearts no longer really moved
By persecution and terror in Nigeria;
Millions of beautiful girls taken, trafficked or sold;
And millions more denied the right to think or speak.

Oh that this would be a turning point Lord Jesus!
For Nigeria, and for the world!

Saviour, Rescuer, Defender
All our girls are your girls
For you loved them first –
Shaped them and made them
And day by day rejoice over them.
And today – Jesus – you intercede for them.
We ask only what you already ask Lord:
#BringBackOurGirls we pray.
#BringBackAllGirls we pray.
#BringBackYourGirls we pray.

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