remembering living below the line

This week, hundreds of people will again take a small action of solidarity to remember and raise awareness about the 1.2 billion living below the line for real. They will live on £1 a day for five days. The number living in this kind of extreme poverty is falling – but not quick enough. This week, we’re again praying and acting for it to plummet to zero. And we’ll keep on doing so until it does.

rich girl poor girl 2

To help us, we’re revisiting our Living below the line diaries from 2012 and 2013 and the prayers they contain that question not just others’ poverty, but our own part in the problem… whether ignorance, apathy or greed.

We hope you’ll find them as helpful and freshly challenging as we do:

Prayers inspired by living below the line

2013 – Rich girl, poor girl – Living below the line diaries

2012 – Living below the line diaries

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