art of love made known – seeing in part (again)

We’ve just created – or should that be adapted? – this piece of artwork for our Easter window display. We’re praying it will speak to people’s hearts deeply, because it’s definitely written from ours…

getting in the way of Jesus

The text on the artwork reads:

We are sorry when we get in the way of you seeing Jesus

– Sorry – for when we say one thing and do another.

– Sorry – for when we’re so busy disagreeing with each other about stuff that we put you off thinking about big stuff like who is Jesus, and does he really matter?

– Sorry – for the times we’re so busy with ‘churchy’ stuff that we don’t even take the time to tell you why we believe what we believe and how it’s changed our lives.

– Sorry – for the times we’ve used his name to get our way in things that are nothing to do with his will.

– Sorry – for when we are judgemental.

– Sorry – when we get too frightened to talk to you properly about our faith and how important what Jesus did really is.

– Sorry – when we talk about Jesus in a way that’s over-complicated or in ‘Christian-ese’.

– Sorry – when we preach at you instead of listening to what you’re saying.

– Sorry – if we’ve ever made you feel unwelcome.

– Sorry – for anything not on this list that has got in the way of you seeing Jesus without us even noticing.

And most of all, sorry for when we act like it’s us – rather than God – who has all the answers.

Hands up. Christians and churches make lots of mistakes. We aren’t very good at reflecting what Jesus is like a lot of the time. We will keep trying to be better mirrors, but we’re never going to match up to him – and in a funny way, we’re OK with that…

Because the Jesus we’d love you to see… the real one… is matchless. The more we get to know him the more of him there is to find. He’s not judgemental but he is just. Yet he’s an almost reckless forgiver. He is kind but strong  as well. And he really doesn’t like religion. Oh yes, he’s full of surprises! His words make you sit up and listen every time. And he cares – about the micro and the macro. He suffers with us, rejoices with us and changes how we see things for good.

And honestly… Jesus really has changed our lives – and us. He hasn’t made them perfect – and he certainly hasn’t made us perfect! But what he has done is welcome us as friends – imperfect as we are.

Because though we sometimes might seem to suggest something different… being a ‘Christian’ is much more about what Jesus has done than about us or what we’re trying to do.

If we’ve got in the way for you, we are really sorry and that matters. But please consider getting past us and taking a look at Jesus for yourself. He’s more than worth it…

(Thanks to Barbara Macnish and Sarah Baxter from Mosaic Church Leeds, for the loan of the beautiful piece of artwork that made this installation possible.)

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