stories of fierce goodness

Today’s characteristic of God in focus is ‘good’. It can seem a flat word – rather like ‘nice’. But it is anything but. God’s goodness is provocative, proactive and extraordinary – going into the darkest, most dangerous places and bravely transforming them. It’s incarnational. It’s sacrificial. It’s bold. It’s the kind of fierce goodness reflected in these stories of courage we’ve heard – and celebrated – recently…

reckless forgiveness low res

A bold vicar approaching the BBC to tell his story with approachability and authenticity

An extraordinary tale of a Senegalese man making peace in Rwanda

The Archbishop and the Imam going together with a message of peace into fighting communities in the Central African Republic

The Argentinian mother boldly looking for her trafficked daughter – and for justice – and bringing both to other women in her nation

The Dutch priest who wouldn’t leave Homs, Syria but stayed to minister love to those who had welcomed him

Food for thought… and inspiration to ask what can I do – even in the midst of suffering?

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