we believe in better

One of three new prayers interceding for an end to human trafficking and modern-day slavery that we’ve added to the end of our collection today. (Read the full set here.)

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We believe in better (a song of hope)

When wondering how to start to pray for trafficking and modern-day slavery, one of our pray-ers wrote this A-Z acrostic prayer. How to pray? Start at the beginning – with his heart… and continue on until trafficking and modern-day slavery have ended.

Adoration songs we sing
But God’s heart is breaking
Crying is heard from
Dark hidden corners where
Enjoyment is nowhere to be found and
Freedom is a long lost memory… yet
God’s heart is greater than a fleeting
Hope. It is a passion for
Individuals to be set free as we
Join together as one and pray for God’s
Kingdom to come and his will to be done; prayer to
Loosen the chains of the captives and that the
Media will celebrate the work of abolitionists across the world.
No more power games; no more con-artists who
Oppress the vulnerable and the poor; global
Police networks working together;
Quick responses and fresh leads;
Rescues and restorations;
Success stories where criminals are convicted and corruption exposed; where
Truth is revealed and education improved. We are trusting in a
Unified approach so that
Victories are gained and
Worldwide, we hear of
Xtra-ordinary miracles which celebrate
Yesterday’s victims as today’s survivors.
Zephaniah 3:17 – God is rejoicing over each captive with singing.

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