for those affected by flooding

Our news headlines remain full of pictures of flooded fields and homes knee-deep in water and our skies are still heavy with more rain. Please join us in praying for those affected by the UK’s recent stormy weather:


Creator God,
Maker of heaven and earth,
We come before you today on behalf of our nation, and of all those battered by stormy winds and heavy rain.

For those who have lost homes, possessions and land,
Bring your comfort and peace.
May they come to you in their distress and be surrounded by the love and support of your people as they piece their lives back together.

For those who have been evacuated out of the water’s path,
Bring your comfort and peace.
May they find surprising joy in their rescue, and be protected from further danger as they shelter from the storm.

For those who are fearful of livelihoods destroyed,
Bring your comfort and peace.
May they have the strength to trust you for their future, and be encouraged by the compassion and integrity shown by bankers and brokers.

For those who are working to save people, homes and land,
Bring your comfort and peace.
May they look to you for guidance, and be wise and compassionate as they seek to help.

For governments, scientists, meteorologists and campaigners,
Bring your comfort and peace.
May they find renewed strength to fight for better environmental practices, more resources where they are needed, and changed lifestyles everywhere.

And most of all for homeowners, landowners, farmers, fishermen, and all affected directly,
We pray for your comfort and peace.
May they lift their eyes to the skies – and look beyond the rain clouds to see you – and the love and might of a Creator  God who recreates and renews again and again.

We ask this in the name of the one who walked on water and calmed the storm,
The powerful name of Jesus,

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