justice poetic

the Sanctuary is thrilled to announce that emerging talent Kat Deal – singer, song-writer and spoken word artist – has freely shared the mp3 of her performance poem Beneficial Crisis with the Sanctuary’s resource library. Download this provoking piece of work about global poverty on our articles and poetry page.


Liz Baddaley, co-founder of the Sanctuary says:

“I hesitate to say that Kat is young or someone I admire for overcoming her own fair share of injustice in reference to disability in particular…

“Not because these things aren’t important to mention in further appreciation of what she’s doing – but because the strength of Kat’s voice and heart would be remarkable without them, and so in many ways I want her to be heard for what she has to say and the beauty of how she says it alone.

“But the reality is these two facts make the way her faith is inspiring and influencing her to use her poetry to speak up for the voiceless even more powerful. Thank you Kat for your heart, your words, your voice and your generosity in sharing all of these beautiful gifts with us.”

Find out more at www.katdeal.com

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