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Please do take the time to read an excellent and thought-provoking article we spotted in Tear Times (Tearfund’s magazine) called ‘Spoiling our Sundays’… Click here and then scroll through the proof until you find it – it’s on pages 20-21.

spoiling sundays

A bit of a soundbite from the article, written by Rev Steve Stockman, Minister and author that we found a particularly helpful voicing of so much of what we stand for is here:

“Martin Smith, speaking of writing songs for Christian rock band Delirious?, explained the dilemna he has as a writer. “There has been a lot of talk in the Christian community about writing more songs about injustice and social issues. Is it possible to write congregational songs about poverty, grief or child trafficking and not spoil everybody’s Sunday?”

[Steve continues] ” The concern not to “spoil everybody’s Sunday ” might be the tell-tale sign of a church in a state of western comfort – that worship songs are not to be too disturbing or dangerous.”

Read the rest of the article…

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