reaching out and breathing in this Christ-with-us

The Sanctuary’s centre closes today, releasing its team and regular pray-ers to their churches’ fuller programme of services and outreach for Christmas. But we’ll continue to pray for all our lives and churches to more brightly display Christ-with-us this season – so many more might be drawn to his transforming light. 

reaching out

We’re also asking God that each of us wouldn’t lose sight of Jesus’ love, light and centrality in our own lives either – especially in the busyness of serving him.

On Tuesday we welcomed a number of clergy and readers from Anglican churches in the area. This was the sending prayer we finished the morning with, and which we will continue to pray alongside all who seek to reach out with Christ’s message this Christmas:

Leader:        Into our busyness this Advent,
All:               Come, Lord Jesus.
Leader:        Into our preparation to serve,
All:               Come, Lord Jesus.
Leader:        Into each sermon, choice of liturgy and song, and into each new expression of creativity,
All:               Come, Lord Jesus.
Leader:        Into each act of mercy and each gift we offer to those in our community,
All:               Come, Lord Jesus.
Leader:        Into our rest time and our quiet times and our time ‘off duty’,
All:               Come, Lord Jesus. 
Leader:        May we stay close to you this Advent, beckon others closer to you this Christmas and glorify your name in all
we pray, preach and do,
All:               For the sake of the one this season is for, and all our service is for – our precious Lord Jesus

If you’re struggling to find peace or make Jesus central this Christmas you might find it helpful to download our creative prayer ideas, written prayers and playlist helpful – Be near us Lord Jesus

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