giving through the nose

This week our prayers have been dominated by two things: heartbreak in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiphan in the Philippines and a deep desire to see generosity released from the international community. November brings the beginnings of Christmas planning and spending to the UK… surely there is an opportunity here if we spend less and give more? If you’re not sure how, our latest partnership resource with CASCaid – Giving through the nose – will give you 12 top tips on where to start.

New Omega Logo low resGiving through the nose is a new resource which has been created by sharing ideas and feedback from a range of people who have been on The Omega Course – a two part course for small groups and churches to use during advent. The course takes a second look at Christmas, and most of the people who have been on it have done exactly that… hence the tips.

If you haven’t used Omega yet – go for it. You’ll find it inspiring as well as challenging… and you can download it all free now from our seasonal page.

It’s a privilege to be taking a second look at Christmas thanks to Ruth Grayson and CASCaid – and to be journeying with so many other people who are starting to do the same…

Just this afternoon, one of the Sanctuary’s regular pray-ers was sharing how her family have been talking about still buying little presents and stockings for the children but donating ‘main’ present money (with their agreement!) to Syria.

Whatever you decide to do with giving this Christmas, please let’s all keep asking the questions about how much we’re spending and on who, and praying for our hearts to be softened and led by God as we give…


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