the redeemed tell their stories

Tuesday’s psalm was 107 and we were struck by verses 2 and 3 in particular and in the ‘stories’ from the redeemed that follow… We hear of rescues from wildernesses, prisons and high seas – echoing perhaps desperation, despair and success… and then the psalm ends by inviting us to ‘ponder the loving deeds of the Lord’.


Sharing the stories of what God has done and is doing in our lives and our world is one of the most powerful things that happens at the Sanctuary’s centre. Perhaps especially because Christians from so many places and backgrounds cross paths here.

Day after day we get to ‘ponder loving deeds’ as we listen to testimonies and answered prayers, hear about people’s visions and unique callings, and as we witness God giving people the strength to keep going through some of the hardest situations imaginable.

Today we wanted to celebrate those stories coming together, and the power of what they speak about God…

In the last couple of weeks we’ve welcomed people who aren’t quite three and people who are over 70 and lots in between – and they’ve all prayed to a God whose goodness is known to them.

We’ve heard stories of answered prayer from a Bishop of the Sittwe diocese in Myanmar (Burma), heard a brand new vision from a missionary returning from China and welcomed the team from Resonance – who work with communities all round the world – for a day of prayer and retreat.

We’ve prayed with people from down the road and round the world. We’ve chatted to ministers who have been serving for years and brand new Christians; worship leaders and youth workers; people we’ve come to know deeply and first time visitors.

And all of them had a story to tell of his loving deeds.

And as our narratives cross, they encourage and affirm each other – building a powerful larger story of his goodness and faithfulness made known to each one of us – directly, and through each other.

The community of the redeemed is a powerful thing – and today we just wanted to celebrate getting to be part of its growing story.

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