kinnecting with God’s heart for mental health

1 in 4 people in the UK will struggle with mental health issues at some point in their life… and yet this issue is still stigmatised – in our churches as well as our society. We find it hard to talk about and hard to pray about, especially when we’re not sure how mental and spiritual issues relate…

answered prayer

At the Sanctuary we don’t have the answers but we’re determined to keep askinf the questions, talking about the issues and praying for transformation – inour understanding as well as in the health of those struggling – because God created our minds and his heart is for them is to be healthy and whole.

That’s why we’ve created our latest creative prayer station resource – Kinnecting with God’s heart for mental healthwhich you can download from our new and topical resources page

Thursday 10 October is National Mental Health Day, and we’ll be using the stations at our centre that day and the next… but you can use them at any time to help you intercede for this issue.

If you too find you have a growing heart for this issue and the people it effects, you might also be interested in downloading our song – Safe hiding place (God of refuge) – and the written prayer inspired by its lyrics from our songs page and prayer resources page respectively.



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