praying for true friends for the Syrian people

Yesterday’s psalm was 55 – a prayer about a false friend… as we stand with the Syrian people and cry out to God for peace and a just resolution, this psalm has helped us find words. And so we’ve written a prayer based on it in the hope it will help you too.


There is so much posturing and politicking going on in the international community alongside concern and compassion. Countless agendas and power plays influence¬† action, inaction and judgements of which ‘side’ is ‘right’.

The more information that we read, the more complications and confusion come to light. Smoke and mirrors conceal the truth and it’s hard to know if any words we hear have been left unspun.

We’re praying that all mixed motives and power-hungry agendas will be unmasked.

And we’re crying out to God that out of the current stalemate, a creative and co-operative way forward will be found that is truly about befriending the Syrian people and seeking their renewed safety.

Today, as the G20’s powerful leaders meet in Russia amid disagreements on military action, our hearts remain on the ground, with ordinary men, women and children.

Listen to our prayer, O God,
Hear us and answer us.
Our thoughts trouble us and we are distraught
Because of what the nations are saying.
Some speak from hidden agendas,
Some from confusion or a desire to control.
Syria’s people suffer more and more,
Assailed by the powerful within and without.

Our hearts join with refugees, survivors and remaining citizens –
In their anguish and in the terrors that have fallen on them.
Fear, trembling and horror touch us even here;
How overwhelming must they be there?
Oh that each precious child had wings like a bird
And could fly away to safety and rest.
Oh that they could escape the terror and the storm –
Or better yet that you would calm it once and for all
With your word of truth – silencing the lies and the half-truths and the spin.

Lord confuse the wicked and confound their words and plans,
Reveal false allies and bring true friends to the Syrian people;
Not to regimes or leaders or preferred outcomes –
But to people.
And to peace.

Friends with soft hearts who are ready to listen;
Friends with humility who are ready to act in wisdom and with gentleness.
Friends with compassion who seek peace not their own power.

We will keep crying out to you Lord;
We will choose to trust you again and again.
For you have always been our rescuer and you do not change.
And you have always been the truest friend of people.
And of peace.

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