rest and reflection

Today is the Sanctuary’s centre’s last day before taking a summer break. This year, after a wonderful but momentous few months, we’ll be taking a break from publishing online in order to fully rest and recharge.

But we’ll be back – physically and virtually – on Tuesday 26 August. We won’t be resting from prayer and worship of course, but we will be taking more time to focus more in and up than out as we retreat from the front line for the next few weeks.

rest and reflection

Thank you for sharing this incredibly special journey with us – see/read you soon! Meanwhile, we’ll leave you with this prayer for real and deep refreshment and restoration this summer:

Father, more than anything today, we thank you for the fact that your presence goes before us,
Behind us and around us – you surround us and hem us in.
Your sanctuary is a moveable love
Which shelters, shepherds and steers us.
Your outstretched, over-stretched wing is not static –
It covers us wherever we go.

And so, as we retreat into rest and refreshment, your presence goes before us,
Behind us and around us all – you surround us and hem us in
Keep us aware of your love beyond these walls,
Sheltered, shepherded and steered by your word.
And may we find restoration in the shadow of your wing –
As you cover us wherever we go.

The Lord bless you and keep you, make his face to shine upon you – and give you peace.

P.S. See our events page and our schedule to find out more about what’s on next term, and to check our opening times for our first week back, at the centre.

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