sheet music for kneel me down

We’re delighted to let you know that we’ve uploaded sheet music for another one of our songs – Kneel me down. You can access this, together with the mp3, chord sheet and story behind the song from our songs page.


‘Kneel me down’ is regularly used in worship here at the Sanctuary’s centre, because it helps us move from praise and adoration into intercession.

Lines such as the recurring end to each verses – ‘Hope of the nations, you’re the song of our hearts’ – celebrate our key emphasis on pursuing both intimacy and intercession.

And  moving from a place which celebrates Jesus as ‘glorious’ and ‘beautiful’ to one which focuses on him as ‘mercificul’ helps us transition into an awareness of him as the ‘ friend of the poor’, beckoning us to ask him again to ‘Break our hearts with what breaks [his]’.

We hope the addition of sheet music will make this simple, congregational song accessible to even more people.

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