prayers for Syria

We’ve just become aware of some new written prayers for Syria from the Church of England that are really helpful. You can find them here – We’ll be using them in the coming days alongside our own prayer for Syria (below) and our recently published prayers interceding for peace to come to conflict situations. Please join us.


A prayer for Syria

God of justice, God of peace,
We find ourselves at your mercy seat again;
Pleading for a nation we don’t really know
And interceding for a situation we don’t really understand.

Some call it civil war,
Some deny it
But we, who have no definition for it
Are frightened it will have no end.

And you, who see so much more than
Cameras and headlines.
How much more will you allow?

Please reveal your perfect plan for Syria;
Deliver her from her conflict
Re-establish justice and peace
And protect her people.

Give us, like you, a burning fire
That will not leave our hearts
Until our prayers are answered
And Syria’s conflict becomes history.

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