sheet music: more of you Lord for the nations

We’ve uploaded another piece of sheet music – this time for the song More of you Lord for the nations – which relates personal praise to intercession and faith for God’s work in the nations. In a week full of headlines of shaking nations, we’re again finding hope for them from standing on testimonies of God’s provision, grace and love.


You can download the sheet music for this personal song of devotion, together with the mp3, chord sheet and story behind the song document from our songs page.

One of the key principles the Sanctuary, and the whole journey to the place where world and worship meet, is trying to embody is balancing intimacy and intercession.

We want to keep pursuing God’s presence with passion, believing that nothing matters more than worshipping him.

We want to experience more intimacy with him and see our hearts and lives transformed to be more like him. We want to know him as the loving Father he is who wants good things for us, not just good acts of service from us.

And yet we want our intimacy to lead to us changing, and us changing the world around us.

The kingdom is so much bigger than us and our personal desires and struggles. And though God cares about them and offers us so much grace and guidance, our desire is for something more than just our blessing, or even our character transformation.

Literally, in the place of favour, when He holds the sceptre out, like Esther, we want whole nations to be given freedom.

This song expresses this balancing – the more we experience God’s goodness and favour, the more we long for this to be poured out on others – because it truly transforms us and our circumstances.

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