praying for peace to come to conflict situations

On a day when our morning worship again turned to intercession for Syria and the Middle East as a whole, we’re publishing a new set of written prayers crying out for peace to come to conflict situations.


You can download them now from our new and topical resources page

A big thank you to contributor Sarah Parkinson for writing this set of six prayers responding to peace and conflict for the Sanctuary, which can be used to pray generally, or for specific conflicts.

We’re finding them helpful for personal and corporate prayer, and are particularly grateful to have them ready to use and share with you at this time when conflict is dominating so many of our headlines.

Existing peace resources we’re also finding particularly helpful at the moment include our songs ‘Come, Prince of Peace’ and ‘I dare to pray’.

As we continue to intercede for complex and distressing situatiations, and the ordinary people caught up in them, we are mindful of 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, the effectiveness of prayer, and the unrelenting goodness, grace and power of Jesus Christ.


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