Imagine if…

…the poor were given the help they needed. If farmers could defend their land from big company take-overs. If mothers could feed their children. If governments could receive the taxes due from global corporations. Imagine if world hunger was a thing of the past…


This is not a naïve hope. This is God’s heart-cry for the poor, the hungry and the marginalised. Proverbs 14:31 tells us that “Those who oppress the poor insult their Maker, but helping the poor honours him.”

And so, together with many other people and organisations supporting the IF campaign around the globe, we are praying for today’s G8 summit – for breakthrough, for lasting and meaningful change, for justice for the world’s poor and hungry. Please join us.

You might find our written prayers focusing on economic justice for the poor and our intercessory prayers in response to global poverty and injustice help you frame your prayers… this is one of them and we’re using it today to freshly challenge and inspire ourselves to respond to God’s heart-cry:

Father of life,
To all who are hungry
Give daily bread
To all who are thirsty
Send fresh water
To all who are homeless
Provide shelter
And in all who are comfortable
Stir up a compassion that cannot be ignored
Until there is no more poverty and injustice left to feel uncomfortable about.

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