praying for fathers

Sunday 16 June is Father’s Day in the UK. Like many people, we have been praying for fathers and father figures especially this week. In the light of the hugely important role they play in our society. And in response to the impact of their absence – as highlighted by this news report on Monday.


Of course we spent time interceding for children and fathers in our nation generally, and for transformation.

But we also spent time thanking God for his perfect example of fathering, and celebrating the positive experiences we have had from father figures…

The list of attributes and gifts from fathers was long… strength; play; presence; protection; provision; sacrifice; love; modelling a loving relationship with a mother; partnership and balance alongside a mother; skill; discipline; guidance; engagement; generosity; time; role model; affirmation….

It encouraged us about God’s design, and also gave us more insight and compassion as we prayed for those with fractured or failed relationships with their fathers and/or children.

We returned to a written prayer, we’d written a couple of years ago, that we’re sharing again now.

We’ll be continuing to pray this in the lead up to Sunday, on Father’s Day itself, and of course afterwards.

Please join us:

Father God thank you for your perfect fathering –
We praise you because we am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Shepherded and nurtured; disciplined and challenged
So we can flourish in your purpose and plan for me
And bear my Father’s image more fully still.

Father God thank you for your perfect example –
We praise you because you show all fathers how to love;
To shepherd and nurture; discipline and challenge
So their sons and daughters can flourish in this world as you have planned,
And carry your presence to all they meet.

Father God, bless all fathers today – with wisdom, with patience, with courage –
And above all with love for their children.
Father God, bless all children today – with openness to correction, with eagerness to learn –
And above all with love for their fathers.
Father God bless all who are fatherless today – surround them with godly men to teach, affirm and guide –
And above all to love with the love of a father – in your strength.

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