new psalm in our economic justice prayers

We’re delighted to publish a new psalm in an updated version of our written prayers interceding for economic justice for the global poor today for three reasons.

rich girl poor girl 2

The first is that with Live Below the Line (rich girl, poor girl revisited in the picture above) and Christian Aid Week behind us this month, and the build up to the climax of the IF campaign at the start of next week, we’ve been focusing a lot on global poverty recently.

This isn’t new, but it’s been a time of fresh challenging and stretching on this issue that is so central to the Sanctuary’s heart and purpose.

The second is that it helped us worship the moment we heard it, and we think you’ll find it incredibly helpful and challenging tooo.

The third is that it’s the first piece of writing we’re publishing from a new writer and indispensible friend of the Sanctuary. She’s been part of our team for some time, and her writing elsewhere has inspired us to encourage her to think about doing more, but this is the first piece she’s written for us – during morning worship just under two weeks away.

Thank you F for sharing it with us then, and with the Sanctuary’s wider family now. We’re looking forward to more as you continue to demonstrate God’s heart to us!

Meditative psalm asking for God’s help in walking the narrow path of generosity

How much Lord?
How little Lord?
Who has what? And who has enough?
Who is swamped? And who is barren?

Who takes time to consider?
Who spends their hours concerned with the multiplication of investments?
Who lies awake at night frightened and paralysed by thoughts of how to meet basic needs?

Who considers their own comfort?
And who cries out for the children?

Shareholder value and executive pay,
Ruling our minds and ruling the day:
What is my bonus? What is my price?

Where’s my reward Lord for the use of the skills you have given me?

Come, expose my bank balance, expose my cupboards and my wardrobes. See the good things God has given and see how tightly the cords of possession entwine me.

Father, forgive and transform me.
Father, for economic generosity and a market of give-away we pray.
Where dignity allows work to earn a living wage,
Where each has enough to give away.
Then we can all share in the truth:
         ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’

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