a noteworthy day for kindness

Today’s element of God’s character in focus at the Sanctuary’s centre was ‘Kind’. And our psalm of the day (103:1-14) also spoke of his goodness and love. In morning worship, before interceding for situations so in need of his compassion and transformation, we focused simply at celebrating God’s kindness.

We looked at scriptures which speak of it, praised him with songs that voice it, shared personal testimonies of how we had experienced it… and as part of this, we discussed the acts of kindness we experience from others which show us God’s love.


And so it’s remarkably appropriate that today should be the day we publish our first piece of sheet music. Why? We’ll explain…

The Sanctuary is really a family not an organisation… it’s a group of people moved by God’s kindness to seek to be kind to others.

Everyone involved gives everything they give for free – often at substantial cost to time, income or energy.

We are able to start publishing sheet music because of a new member of our family – an extraordinarily kind follower of Jesus called Cherry Gillbard – is using some of the time she now has available having had to stop working to help us.

One by one Cherry’s scoring Liz’s songs so they can be used by more people.

It’s hard to know how to thank her because this is an amazing gift… and anyone who’s ever done this knows the time and skill it takes.

…it’s also an answered prayer. And it’s come about in a way that’s one of those extraordinary sort of ways that is itself a story.

Liz mentioned at a workshop on Justice and Worship in the West Country around 18 months ago that she was hoping and praying someone would score all her songs… Cherry is the sister of someone who was there and remembered that passing comment.

What this person didn’t know is that Liz had taken down the request for a sheet music scorer from the website a couple of months ago, concluding it was not going to come about by a direct ask. She felt God would have to provide someone to help if that was what should happen…

Thank you God, thank you Gay Jacklin, and thank you Cherry!

Whether we pray, pass on the word or give our time and talents – simple acts of kindness and rememberance can bring transformation when they all come together.

This is the body working together and we think it’s beautiful.

It’s the Sanctuary’s hope and prayer that as we add sheet music more people will catch God’s heart for justice and intercession that is carried in so many of our songs.

And that their hearts in turn will also be moved to prayers and actions of kindness which will help transform the world in small and big ways.

Yes, today is noteworthy.

Thank you God for another example of your kindness to add to our ever-growing list!

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