happy 2nd birthday!

www.thesanctuarycentre.org turns 2 today! And what a two years it’s been as we’ve sought to go on the journey to where world and worship meet and to publish all the free worship songs, prayer resources and articles we create as a result of trying to love God and love others.

1 today and a 1 off appeal

That’s why we’re proud to share our birthday with Valentine’s day. Truly we’re trying to make everything we do here all about love – the most incredible love of all – the love expressed by God’s heart which we are trying to learn about and share through his Spirit’s help…

There’s a quiet celebration going on at the Sanctuary’s centre today – itself a younger expression of this same heart. This journey isn’t easy but it is worth celebrating – and thanking the God who gave us the vision for it all nearly four years ago.

It seems fitting today to quietly publish the shortest of new resources we’ve recently created… a new gathering prayer inspired by the words of the Shema (Deuteronomy 6:4-5) which express our heart to continue on this journey of loving God and others with all our hearts, souls and strength:

Leader: Hear O people, the Lord our God is one God.
All: The Lord our God is one God. We will seek to love him and his children with all our hearts, with all our souls and with all our strength.
Leader: We declare O Lord, you are one God. Three in a perfect relationship of love – yet one.
All: You O Lord are one God. Help us seek to love you and others with all our hearts, with all our souls
and with all our strength, through the power of Christ and the constant presence of your Spirit.

You can download this resource from our new and topical resources page along with our other gathering and envisioning prayers.

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