21 for freedom: January

Today marked the first 21st day in 2013, and our first in a series of 12 days this year dedicated to praying about the horrifying reality that is human trafficking.


In this first session of special prayer on the issue we focused on some of the statistics. Both the numbers and proximity to home of the problem are fightening. Here are some of the facts that broke our hearts again today:

A global problem…

– 27 million people are in slavery today – 1.4 million for sex and the remaining 25.6 million in forced labour – in both categories, there are a huge number of women and children involved.

– Currently, only 1% of victims are ever rescued.

– Human trafficking is the 2nd largest global crime, generating $31.6 billion every year (of which $27.8 billion is from sexual exploitation).

– Only 1 in 100, 000 traffickers are convicted.

Too close for comfort

– Europe is hugely involved in both the receipt and capture of trafficked people.

– 25% of people trafficked for sex are taken from southern and eastern Europe. The scale of the problem is vast – in the Ukraine for example, 1 in 10 people knows someone who has been trafficked abroad.

– Greece is known as the ‘centre of trafficking in Europe’ with 90% of all victims levaing/coming in via its borders.

(All statistics sourced from the A21 campaign.)

Crying out for deliverance

These statistics talk about big numbers. But the biggest travesty is the unique individuals behind them – the personal and tragic details  of each and every story.

The biggest barrier to change though is not the scale of the problem but the degree to which we believe the lie that change cannot come. Or accept that apathy or hopelessness are possible responses.

Our faith centres around the person of Jesus Christ – who overcame every obstacle, even death – to save. Our deliverer. He is our example. Let’s pray for people to be rescued and for this appalling system to crumble. But let’s also lay down our lives to play our part in being part of his rescue plan.

As we start this year we’re committing to pray more for this issue; raise awareness more; create resources you can use to help you do the same; and campaign. If we all follow what we’re being led to do we can and will see an end to 21st Century slavery.

Will you join us?

(Our next 21 for freedom prayer event is in February. Before then, we’ll be uploading a new song of lament and intercession – ‘What price?’  – we’ll let you know when it’s available.)

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