Jesu, high and holy – the inspiration for unity

We’ve uploaded a new song to the website. This is a modern setting of Jesu, high and holy, a hymn by R Wilson…

You can download the mp3, chord sheet and story behind the song from our songs page. Liz says:

“I set these old hymn words to new music at the suggestion of a friend, who was doing this quite a lot over the summer. We had been talking about the richness of theology and range of emotional expression to be found in older hymn lyrics, and he had been using them as a fuel for daily devotion.

“(You can read more about these ideas and related issues in the article Putting the baby back in the bath – towards wider and deeper devotion, available at

“I really enjoyed the process of soaking up these words and then setting them to a fresh tune which brought together the journeys of two disciples – one from the past and one in the present – and fused them together into something which speaks of God’s simultaneous contemporary relevance and timeless faithfulness.”

It’s fitting that we should be uploading this resource today – on the first day of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

In morning worship today we focused on unity, beginning our time together by unpacking what true unity might or does look like to inspire and inform our prayers for churches locally, nationally, and internationally. We thought we’d share a few of our prayers’ thoughts:

Unity looks like…

– Jesus – recognising he is the head of the church and uniting around him.
– Shared mission.
– Not being territorial and having ownership of the same vision and each others’ visions.
– Relationship, rather than just ‘doing’ things together.
– Allowing freedom for diversity but gathering around the purposes of God.
– More than just the lowest common denominator.
– Pooling and sharing our resources.

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