for the sake of the poor

Inspired by this week’s headlines about the effects of soot on our climate and our rotating issues’ list which led us to focus on climate change today, we spent a large part of morning worship praying for transformation – for the sake of the poor.



We returned again to this video reflection, made by Liz and Christian Aid several years ago –

And we were newly challenged and heartbroken all over again.

It is all too easy to point fingers of accusation – at climate sceptics we feel avoid the truth because it’s more convenient to do so; at politicians who talk the talk but consistently fail to set meaninful targets for reducing emissions; at western society which consistently chooses to maintain it’s unjustly favoured lifestyle at the expense of the poor and the climate they are so dependent on.

But this morning, we focused on our own contribution to the problem above all else. Because we are people who have our eyes open to the statistic and our memories full of individuals we’ve met to who are facing the impact of a changing climate now. We have written songs, crafted resources, prayed prayers, marched, signed postcards, changed elements of our lifestyles – and yet we still turn away at times.

We are inconsistent in our prayer and action for transformation, and varied in the degree to which we lay down our lifestyles for others’ lives. So if we aren’t always prioritising the poor, how can we expect others to?  We have to start with ourselves all over again.

It’s hard to face the truth that our own hearts are fickle. But by doing so we can move forward again with God. Knowing there is forgiveness for our indifference; mercy for our selfishness and strength to make the next steps forward on a constantly narrowing road which will lead us to climate justice.

The truth that we need him to keep hoping, praying and acting sets us free. We get on our knees again and ask Jesus to show us what to do next and to fill us with his Spirit so that we can keep moving forward – for the sake of the poor.

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