new article exploring deeper and wider worship

We’ve uploaded a new article – ‘Putting the baby back in the bath – towards wider and deeper worship’ which you can download from our new and topical resources page.


Liz Baddaley, co-founder of the Sanctuary, has written this article out of a heart-cry to see our worship set free – whatever tradition we’re from – to express and encounter more of the fullness of God’s character and the relationship he invites us into.

Perhaps appropriately for an article on this subject, it is written in three main sections which you can read through progressively as a whole, or select from as a different way into the principal message of the article. The first makes a case for why embracing different worship traditions matters; the second examines the practical strengths of traditions which are often held in opposition or contrast; and in the third, Liz relates her own experience as a way into these issues.

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