We’ve been finding the song Emmanuel helpful as we intercede for our broken world this advent… mp3 and chord sheet both available on our songs page.

Into the darkness,
There came a light,
The light of the world
Who in glory was shining.
He came to dwell here
With the weak and the poor
All for love, he came among us.

Emmanuel, Emmanuel
We know God’s for us
For he dwelt with us –
He is still here with us.

Into despair,
Came all hope
The source of all good –
The very treasure of heaven.
Into our brokenness,
Came pure life,
The way and the truth
To reconcile us to him.

Emmanuel, Emmanuel
We know you’re for us,
For you dwelt with us –
You are still here with us.

This is our hope, he is our hope
Once and for all a child is born.
This is our hope, you our hope
Once and for all the Saviour comes.

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