praying our focus would be on Christ-with us this Advent

We’re using these two prayers, taken from the Omega advent course and inspired by Isaiah 40, to focus our thoughts, devotion, time and spending this Advent. image

Lord Jesus, we thank you for the joy of Christmas.
For good gifts given and received;
For laughter and quality time with friends and family;
For feasting and festivities and fun.
But we ask you to come now and remind us why you came
And how we can prepare for you to come still more
To transform our hearts, our lives and our world.
We would turn down the noise and dim the sparkling lights
To hear and see you more clearly as you are Lord Jesus – Christ our King.
For we would build your Christ-with-us kingdom
And so we need you to prepare the way again.

Lord Jesus, thank you for coming
And for preparing our hearts for you to come again.
We ask you good shepherd to keep leading us,
Speaking softly and tenderly to areas where we need comfort
And making it very clear where we need to listen again,
Know your voice, and follow you more closely.
We recognise that we have a King who brings a new kingdom –
And it’s totally different to what our UK high-streets promote.
So we give you permission to raise our plains and make our mountains smooth
Until the way we build is a highway for you
And our lives reflect your sacrificial love once more.
And the world sees that it is indeed Christ-with-us.

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