sharing the joy of our first two weeks

It’s Friday at the Sanctuary’s centre and today marks the end of our second week of our premises being open. There is so much to be thankful for and encouraged by… and we feel like we’re learning more and more every day. It’s good to take the time to reflect, and to share some of it with you.


Seeing the vision that started it all come to life before our eyes has been amazing. Just being in the space – kneeling to pray on the map carpets or looking at the images of different churches, the beauty of nature depicted in our mural, and the cross as it sheds light on the whole Sanctuary – is at times a bit overwhelming.

In three and a half years we’ve seen a vision born, tested, prayed for, provided for and built. And now, with the resourcing website and the creative hub and prayer space fully operational, it has come to life.

In something that feels like a quiet revolution, our first couple of weeks have seen the beginnings of so many things that we believed would work but which we now see:

Each day, different people pop in for a chat or a cup of tea. And of course to join our times of prayer and worship. Some have been once, some many times – but each one brings a unique perspective and what God lays on their heart in response to the headlines and daily foci resonates differently. This is leading to us all understanding more of the breadth and depth of his heart as we seek him together.

It is also leading to an explosion of creativity… we can’t write up and record what’s being created quick enough to publish it all this week – especially while we’re still getting used to running the centre and finishing off the last bits of set-up we didn’t quite get to before we opened… but keep an eye on the site over the coming weeks as we begin to catch up with ourselves and make it all available.

This creativity is all connected to the fact that we’re learning how to pray all over again.

By combining freedom and structure; a variety of traditions and styles; and by consciously responding to the headlines and scrolling aspects of God’s character, issues, countries and contients we’re finding ourselves on an adventure, which is further enhanced by the visual and kinaesthetic inspiration of the space itself.

And more than ever before, we’re learning from Jesus’ example to hold sorrow and joy together.

Standing on our own testimonies of incredible provision, direction and answered prayer we have experienced, and rejoicing in the incredible nature of the God we serve, we find new strength to come with hope, joy and expectation as we pray for the situations and circumstances before us locally, nationally and globally.

We are learning again to wait on his timing in all we do. And to continue to pursue a passionate persistence in prayer which combines commitment with feeling.

And as ever we’re so grateful for the incredible community and sense of unity he is building around us.

Thank you Lord that even as we pour out our lives for you we receive so much back in return. There is such joy in the Sanctuary this week as you continue to amaze us by doing what you promised and still more. We’re full of expectation about the coming weeks, months and years…

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