open for business – and praying for peace

the Sanctuary centre opened its doors today and at morning worship and prayer, Christians from different churches gathered to pray in response to today’s headlines… the full vision has become reality; and as we knelt together on our map floor to pray for Sudan and South Sudan – meeting today to talk about borders and oil – one of the pray-ers joining us in the new space undertook two symbolic acts…

He stretched his hand over the two nations together… and then he placed his wedding ring on their border. These two acts are the inspiration for this prayer:


Healer of nations and holder of nations,
We thank you that your hand holds
Both Sudan and South Sudan today.
As they meet to talk about borders and oil
Turn their minds, hearts, words and actions
To the peace you are prince of
The justice you champion
And the future you have designed for them.

Healer of nations and holder of nations,
Bring these two new nations together
In a covenant of peace.
May they remember the union of their history
And all that is common between them.
And may they forgive the pain, violence and oppression
That led to their division.
Building a new future where two nations walk side by side in peace.

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