a personal prayer for you to use when…

We’ve published a new resource – a collection of short written prayers for personal use in a wide variety of different situations.


Download the resource from our prayer resources page

The core focus of the Sanctuary’s work – and therefore its resources – is outward focused.

We exist to intercede, and help other Christians to intercede. And we care about acting justly, showing compassion and making Jesus’ love known because of the truth of who our God is and the heart he has for our world.

But we have also experienced (and continue to experience) his goodness, provision and transformation in our own lives – and these daily mercies are what give us new faith to believe for others’ situations.

We have these fresh testimonies because we continue to need him personally – every hour of every day – to face what’s in front of us, to love him and others well and to live for God above all else.

Jesus is our sanctuary. Just as we cry out for others, we cry out for ourselves – for we are the lost and broken too – save for Jesus’ incredible love and power.

And so we’ve put together these prayers – for ourselves, and for others – in the hope that they will help us all to come to God when we are facing challenges, difficult emotions, temptation or opposition… and also in times of blessing, encouragement and breakthrough – when it can be so easy to focus on the gift rather than the giver.

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