not by might, nor by power

the Sanctuary’s core team is busier than it’s ever been before… getting ready for the opening of our premises in a few short weeks’ time. There’s huge excitment, but a lot of pressure too. The to-do list is long; the tasks are complex and inter-related; the timing is intricate and the weight of significance heavy.


It’s tempting to be both self-reliant and self-critical. But our Father’s resources are endless and he shows us a better and different way… here are some of the scriptures and lyrics we’re holding onto, and we’d love you to use as you pray for us at this time:

‘ “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit”, says the Lord.’  (Zechariah 4:6 NIV)

‘God’s a safe house for the battered, a sanctuary during bad times. The moment you arrive you relax, you’re never sorry you knocked. (Psalm 9:9-10 The Message)

‘God can pour on the blessings in astonishing ways so that you’re ready for anything and everything, more than just ready to do what needs to be done. As one psalmist puts it, He throws caution to the winds, giving to the needy in reckless abandon. His right-living, right-giving ways never run out, never wear out. This most generous God who gives seed to the farmer that becomes bread for your meals is more than extravagant with you. He gives you something you can then give away, which grows into full-formed lives, robust in God, wealthy in every way, so that you can be generous in every way, producing with us great praise to God.’ (2 Corinthians 9:8-11, The Message)

‘Love beyond measure, mercy so free – your endless resources are given to me. Strength to the weary, healing our lives – your love beyond measure has opened our eyes.’ ( Love beyond measure, Dave Bilborough, based on Ephesians 3)

‘It’s out of my hands. It was from the start – in light of what you’ve done for me; in light of what you’ve done for me. You lifted my head, set me apart – in light of what you’ve done for me; this is what you’ve done for me… There’s nothing in the world that I can offer, nothing in the world that I can stand upon – apart from you; apart from you. There’s nothing in my life, nothing in my life – you haven’t given to me.’ (Out of my hands, Jars of Clay)

‘All that we are called to is to worship and follow – you have shown what you can do – with a life simply surrendered.’ (Simply surrendered, Liz Baddaley)

‘Let not conscience make you linger, nor of fitness fondly dream. All the fitness he requires, is you feel your need of him. This he gives you! This he gives you! Tis the Spirit’s rising beam.’ (Come ye Sinners, Hart and Walker)

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