sharing the joy

Today is a day of celebration. At 8.12am this morning, bells rang out across the country to signal the start of the Olympic Games and tonight, the eyes of the world will be focused on the opening ceremony in London.

And as we gathered with others this morning, with church bells ringing above us, we prayed that the joy of the Lord would fill all nations during these Olympics. And just as the bells call all to worship and pray, we cried out for a spiritual awakening across the land.

We prayed for God to empower the church in the UK to rise up and share his joy across every local community, and for every event to be a wonderul witness to his love. And we asked God to bless every competitor, spectator, worker and volunteer, and for honesty, integrity and kindness to prevail.

Wherever you are today, and over these next few weeks, please join us in praying that these Olympic Games would be a reflection of how the Lord has done great things in all nations (Psalm 126:2-3). And as churches and Christians reach out in love, for his goodness and mercy to transform many lives this summer.

(NB. There are some really great resources for churches on the More than Gold website (based on Isaiah 60:1-5 and ” A time to shine”), including written prayers, daily reflections, event guides and much more.)

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