praying for Egypt

In a week where Egypt’s new president has made his first speech, we’re praying that concepts of justice and freedom will be translated into policies and actions which build a peaceful and prosperous future for this nation, and neighbouring countries.

Oh Lord our God, Healer of nations and Deliverer of peoples
We bring Egypt to you again as ideals fought for
Begin to be worked into policies and plans
And military and government seek to build a new future together.

We know, like us, that you long for Egypt to be a nation
That prizes justice and freedom as more than rhetoric.
And we confess, that unlike us, you know the specific righteous strategies
That are required for a government to build these ideals through their actions.
And so we ask you Lord to raise up a generation of modern-day Joseph’s in Egypt
Who discern your best plan for their country, and enter every sector of its society
With wisdom, insight, integrity and bravery.

Give the Egyptian people patience and perseverance, and protect them from disappointment
As they continue to wait for the slow implementation of true change
That follows the rush of revolution.
And above all let them see justice and freedom permeate every aspect of their lives.

Protect your church;
Liberate those trapped by poverty;
Defend the weak;
And build a desire for true and lasting peace within –
And beyond – Egypt’s borders.

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