more cause to keep on asking

We’ve spent a lot of our time over recent weeks focusing on songs and prayers about persistent prayer – publishing resources which challenge us to keep lifting to God situations which seem hopeless or entrenched. This week’s headlines bring us back to three Middle East nations never far from our hearts. Lord, help us to have the faith to keep on asking…

ask and keep on asking

Join us as we pray for:

Iraq – following a wave of bombings which have killed 84 people, and injured more than 300 –

Syria – where reports of massacres, fighting and civil war continue, despite denial by the Government and militant forces, leaving the international community uncertain of what’s really going on –

Israel  – where heart-breaking graffiti has defaced the Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem –

We don’t have many words, and most of them seem to come out as questions, but we’ve tried to turn our heart-cries to prayers. Find these on our prayers page.

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