introducing the living below the line diaries…

We’ve taken up the challenge, alongside thousands of others, of Living below the line

From today through to Friday we have just £5 each for all our food… £1 a day to stand in solidarity with the 1.4 billion people in our world who don’t get to choose whether to take up this challenge or not.

At the Sanctuary we spend quite a lot of our time, thinking, writing and praying about global poverty – it’s on our minds most days… and we’ve been passionate about the justice agenda, shopping ethically and living more lightly as individuals for many years…

So why are we taking part in this?

We’re hoping that experiencing this small glimpse into the world many others live every day will deepen our hearts to pray, provide a fresh challenge to our spending and giving, and strengthen our resolve to transform the outrageous scandal of global poverty.

We’ll be blogging our experiences and prayers every day this week – and whether you’re taking part in this specific initiative or not, we hope you’ll journey with us and take up the real challenge of championing change.

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