a call to care

Last week we prayerfully discussed the tension between making financial savings and ensuring that it’s not the nation’s vulnerable who pay for them.

a call to care
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On 13 January, Dr John Sentamu, Archbishop of York, highlighted the need for reforms to our care system, especially with regard to older people, in support of Age UK’s campaign to get one hundred thousand signatures to urge the government of the need for change.

We’d encourage you to follow the call to care, and sign the petition. But also to pray for a change in attitude towards elderly people in our society.

As we pray for children facing cuts they don’t understand, let’s also remember older people affected by reduced services or fearful of further rises in costs which they cannot afford:

Ancient of days, Lord of life, help us to love, support and respect older people as you do, and to see them as the knowledge-keepers and dreamers of our time.
We ask that you would help us join with older voices to work for justice for their generation.
We pray for an end to food and fuel poverty; an end to hospital malnutrition; and an end to inadequate and prohibitively expensive care.
Open our eyes to see those around us who are lonely, frightened or cold – and give us the compassion to take the time to listen to their stories, to bring them into our own homes and families, and to care for them as you do.
We ask this Father in the name of your precious Son and through the power of your life-giving Spirit.

(Adapted from the Sanctuary’s Intercessions for older people)

Look out for new prayers from the Sanctuary related to this campaign, and a guest blog from Mary Milne friend, Christian, and member of staff at Age UK – coming later this month.

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