in partnership: worship and justice at every age

For the last few months, Liz Baddaley from the Sanctuary and children’s worker Rachel Turner have been beavering away on creating some resources together. Today we are delighted to publish this partnership work which seeks to explore the relationship between worship and justice with children and young people, and in all-age settings.

Worship and Justice at every age

Visit the new section of our website, worship and justice at every age to download:

1. two podcasts providing:

– a bit of background on why we’ve produced these resources, and our journey of working together (14:30)

– a way in to the articles and key content (1:16:00)

2. six practical input articles for parents, children, youth and families workers, and anyone concerned with the next generation in church covering:

– Telling the whole story – teaching about justice at every age

– Learning the way of love – establishing purpose at every age

– Exploring the word on justice – reading the Bible at every age

– Finding the jey of justice – fuller sung worship at every age

– Silencing injustice – intercessory prayer at every age

– Acting justly – living thankfully and sacrificially at every age

3. our special outward focused song index for children, young people, and all-age settings.

Rachel is the author of Parenting Children for a Life of Faith and has worked extensively with children, and in mentoring and leading other children’s workers at both local and national levels.

Liz co-runs the Sanctuary and is a writer, worship-leader and song-writer who is passionate about developing a heart-felt outward focus in all ages. She also has significant experiencing writing for, and mentoring, young people as they explore both worship and justice.

They have been friends for six years, and this summer’s focused writing has had its foundation in very many long conversations, and reflections on previous experience in ministering together.

These resources represent the beginning of a conversation which we expect to grow and develop as feedback comes in, and we all discover more about helping our children understand more about loving God and loving others – both through intentional actions, and heart-shift. We’d love to hear your thoughts, comments and suggestions, so please do email us with any feedback.

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