tread lightly – tomorrow and always

Sing to God a thanksgiving hymn,
      play music on your instruments to God,
   Who fills the sky with clouds,
      preparing rain for the earth,
   Then turning the mountains green with grass,
      feeding both cattle and crows.
   He’s not impressed with horsepower;
      the size of our muscles means little to him.
   Those who fear God get God’s attention;
      they can depend on his strength. 

(Psalm 147:7-11, The Message)

tread lightly copyright

Father of creation, we thank you for all that you have made;
For the joy and glimpses of you we find in nature’s beauty,
For the variety of all you have provided through its resources.
Help us to tread lightly and use wisely,
Valuing the needs of others, and of creation, above our own desires.
Challenge us where we need to change our lifestyles,
Convict us when we need to speak out on behalf of a voiceless people, or world
And soften us where we have stood in judgment of others.
Father in your mercy, change us and use us
For the restoration of your world, and the protection of all your children.

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