praying for our NHS

The UK’s National Health Service has been in our thoughts and prayers a lot during  recent months. Discussions over reform; growing pressures on doctors and nurses; and funding shortages have all been regular, and concerning, features in the news.

Amidst the backdrop of consultation on government proposals,  two more NHS-related headlines caught our attention last week.

One revealed that there were now more than one million patients being admitted to hospitals as a result of alcohol-related illnesses each year. The other raised concerns about elderly patient care following a report from independent advisory body, The Care Quality Commission.

We need to pray for our health service – giving thanks for its many benefits; speaking blessing over its professionals; and asking God to give wisdom to those in government seeking its reform.

We have found it helpful to use the NHS’ acronym to focus on these different aspects, and have created a visual prayer resource, to stimulate our prayers.

We’ve made it available for anyone else who might find it helpful. You can download PPT slides to project, or a printable pdf at (You’ll also find another pdf here contaning just the written prayer of blessing from this resource.)

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