praying for environment sunday

Have you had one of those moments recently where the beauty and majesty of nature simply leave you awe-struck as you consider the glory of who is behind it?

environment sunday - iris

We had one last week – pausing during a moorland walk on an outcrop of rock, we sat down to pray for a moment – high above the busyness of the valley below.

As we stilled our hearts, it was difficult to find words – the hazy morning light rising over the hills beyond, and the unbroken bird song filling the air, seemed for a moment to express perfectly our joy, thanksgiving and wonder at all God had done for us recently. There was a sense that anything we said might get in the way – that we were simply there to join in with the worship already going on.

Sometimes we need these Psalm 19 moments to remind us of the importance of creation – not just in providing for our needs – but in testifying the goodness, reality, provision, and majesty of God. We are prompted to still our hearts for a moment in reverence – for this is holy ground that bears the fingerprints of our creator, and leads us to him with unspoken truth.

This year’s Environment Sunday is 5 June, and we’re praying that more churches than ever will use this as a catalyst to celebrate God’s creation; pray for policies and solutions to prevent the worst effects of climate change; remember poor communities already affected; and commit to change their lifestyles as part of the answer to their prayers.

Arocha established the first Sunday in June as Environment Sunday to link in with World Environment Day, which always falls on 5 June. As usual, they have produced a church pack.

You’ll also find helpful resources on the environment and climate change to help you pray for UK and international governments, poor communities, and us all as individuals by visiting Christian Aid or Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

Please also feel free to download and use any of our resouces on climate change that you find helpful for next Sunday:

Song: For the sake of the poor – a worship song of lament and intercession for poor communities affected by climate change – mp3 | chord sheet | story and purpose | prayer video

Prayer stations: Kinnecting with God, climate change and people

Written prayers: In response to climate change

Let’s join together in thanking God for his creation. And in humbly asking his transforming Spirit to come and change our attitudes and actions to all he has made, and the precious people his works sustain.

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