the Sanctuary is blogging!

With less than three weeks to go before goes live, we are up and blogging!

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The Sanctuary is all about a journey to the place where world and worship meet – prompting hearts and lives to explore how we can worship and pray in a way that remembers to lift the poor, the broken, and the nations to God.

Our vision is to establish a house of prayer and worship with a particular emphasis on poverty, justice and intercession.

This blog will let you know about all the songs, prayers and ideas we create and share at – and keep you up to date with our progress towards finding a physical home for the Sanctuary.

We are praying our blog will:

* help you understand more about where we’re coming from, and what’s at the heart of the Sanctuary’s vision;

* prompt you to further explore new ways of praying and worshipping, and catching God’s heart for the poor, the broken and the nations;

* inspire you to come on the journey with us, by supporting us through prayer and encouragement;

* encourage you by sharing what it’s like journeying and working towards a vision step by step – on the good days, and the uncertain days.

Questions? Get in touch via our contact us form or post a comment on this blog – we’d love to hear from you!

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